May 21, 2020

We hope everyone is well. During our current situation of uncertain, ever-changing challenging times, emotions may be rising in our homes with most families staying home together with limited outlets. Our routines have been disrupted and we may be experiencing a variety of emotions we are not used to. It is important to check in […]

Self Care
April 20, 2020

What is Self-Care? Why is Self-Care important? Is Self-Care being selfish? The previous questions will be answered. Our previous post highlighted Isolation, among some of the information was tips to keep our minds busy – a hidden message… Self-care ideas. When we practice self-care we are able to manage our stress and daily challenges while […]

April 14, 2020

Hello Everyone,  First we want to say welcome to all the readers – we have established this to help you through our current COVID-19 pandemic that has many isolating and practicing social-distancing, as well as to connect with our clients. Perhaps isolation is by choice or has become mandatory for someone we know whom has […]